Who We Are

Steering Committee

Members of the WaSP Steering Committee (SC) provide strategy, guidance, and approve group projects and task force direction.

Task Force Members and Group Members

WaSP TF Members work on specific, defined initiatives. WaSP groups contribute to managing WaSP projects, creating articles and interviews, and other WaSP resources.

Site Design and Maintenance

The current WaSP web site was created and is maintained by the following individuals.

Advisory Committee

WaSP Advisory Committee (AC) members provide assistance, support, and insight to WaSP on an as-needed basis.


WaSPs in this category are awarded a lifetime recognition for their contributions to WaSP but are no longer active within the organization.

CSS Samurai

The CSS Samurai was the Web Standards Project CSS Action Committee. Its members are CSS pioneers and advocates who worked to encourage bug-free implementation of CSS within user agents and other tools. Many CSS Samurai members have gone on to accomplish an impressive list of projects and influence in the area of Web standards.