Report Browser Bugs

Help browser makers plug the holes in their standards compliance by identifying and reporting bugs. We can’t overemphasize the importance of this simple, quiet activity.

Check your work first!

Naturally, it helps if the problems you’ve identified are actually browser bugs, not errors in your markup. First step: validate your XHTML to be certain it contains no errors, and check your CSS while you’re at it. Browser makers cannot be held responsible for the misbehavior or poor display of sites that use broken markup, invalid styles, or screwy scripts.

Tip: For one-click validation, install bookmarklets from Tantek Çelik. To “validate” your JavaScript/ECMAScript, be certain your browser is set to enable scripting and to show scripting error alerts, and test in more than one browser.

If your page validates and you’re sure the browser is getting it wrong, report standards-related bugs directly to the manufacturers using the special WaSP email addresses below.

Reporting bugs to Microsoft

To report browser bugs in MSIE5/6 for Windows or Mac OS, at this special WaSP address, created specifically to facilitate communication between browser engineers and the design/development community. Please don’t use this address to report bugs in earlier versions of Microsoft’s browser (e.g. MSIE 3 or 4).

Reporting bugs in Mozilla

Report Mozilla bugs at Bugzilla, Mozilla’s aptly named online bug tracking system.

Reporting bugs to Opera

To report bugs in Opera Software’s Opera 7/8 browser, at this special WaSP address. Please don’t use this email address to report bugs in earlier versions of the Opera browser (e.g. Opera 5 or 6). You may also use the Opera bug tracking system if you prefer.

Reporting bugs to the WebKit Open Source Project (including Safari)

To report a bug in the WebKit open source project, on which Apple's Safari is based, visit the project's bug reporting page.

Reporting bugs to Netscape

Found a bug in Netscape Navigator/Communicator 6/7?

For now, as of October 2003, you are out of luck. The old wasp address used to report such bugs has been disabled.