W3C – the World Wide Web Consortium

W3 Validator – validate your web pages.

W3C Mailing List

HTML 4 in Netscape and Explorer ... a great resource documenting differences in support. More wisdom from

Yuriko Ienaga lists every single HTML 4 tag, and shows which browsers support it (or don’t) at An outstanding effort.

HTML 4.0 as handled by Navigator and Explorer. An earlier piece on the same subject.

Stuck With Old Browsers Until 2003? Jakob Nielsen fears that we will be.

Amazing HTML – covers most areas of webdesign from CSS to HTML to basic CGI, FTP, and more; geared toward beginning to intermediate web authors

Authoring Valid HTML – reviews various validators

Best Viewed with Any Browser – campaign to eliminate Netscape (or Microsoft) dependance from web design; worth seeing

Bobby – accessibility/browser compatibility checker

HTML Compendium – originally a simple listing of HTML elements, it has expanded to include CSS and an extensive "Notes" section.

WDG’s Listing of HTML and CSS References, covering HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0, CSS

HTML Standards Compliance: Why Bother? – from the Web Developer’s Virtual Library

A List Apart – high signal, low noise mailing list and weekly magazine for people who make websites.

HTML Writers Guild

Index Dot HTML

Project Cool Developer Zone – tutorials and advanced topics for developers – Jakob Nielsen on developing usable sites. Nielsen is a web usability consultant and former Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer.

The Web Developer’s Virtual Library

The Webmaster’s Reference Library

WebMonkey – Hotwired’s help and tutorials