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Color Names

HTML and XHTML Color Names. Were you aware that there are only 16 legal color names for use in HTML and XHTML? Here they are, with their hex equivalents.

Character Entities

Character entities are used to create symbols, special letters, and markup-specific characters. Check what's available in HTML and XHTML.

Important articles

XML Prolog Woes?

In XHTML, the XML prolog is recommended but not required. What happens if you do use it? Check out these browser stats on prolog behavior.

Common Ideas Between HTML and XHTML

HTML and XHTML are both being used to create Web sites. But there are multiple versions of each, with specific changes and ideas attached. Check out the common concepts shared between the two.

Web standards for Business

In this article, François Nonnenmacher talks about how the separation of content and presentation falls in line with enforcing corporate brand and image through style guides, and how employing Web standards can benefit a company's Web development process and technical support infrastructure. (Translated from the original French version.)

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